Yamachawan with green ash glaze


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Yamachawan are some of the oldest examples of ceramic tableware in Japan’s history. These simple, unglazed, utilitarian tableware from the late Heian (794–1185) through the Muromachi (1392–1573) periods were fired in stacks. They are often excavated from fields in the Aichi and Gifu regions of central Japan. While most yamachawan are unglazed, this chawan has a lovely olive green natural ash glaze that pools at the bottom of the interior. The last photo shows this yamachawan with another that we have in stock.

CONDITION: Very good. There are some small kiln cracks that do not detract from the beauty of the bowl.

SIZE: 5.25″ wide, 1 7/8″ tall / 13.34 cm wide, 4.76 cm



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