Wajima-nuri Mukozuke, set of five


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Set of five vintage black Wajima-nuri black lacquer mukozuke bowls with a pleasing round bottom and a hazori rim that curves gracefully outward to fit your lips as you enjoy soup directly from the bowl. They are designed for food, but can also be used for soup and hot drinks. Notice the red undertone that shows at the edge of the rim? You will be pleasantly surprised by the way good quality lacquer feels to the touch. It is soft and smooth, almost like skin, and does not transfer heat. Wajima is Japan’s most famous center for lacquer arts, and Wajima-nuri is coveted for its high quality. This set comes with a signed box, and with proper care, they can be passed down for generations.

CONDITION: Very good. One bowl has a tiny imperfection, as shown in the photo.

SIZE: 2 5/8″ tall, 3.5″ wide (6.67 cm tall, 8.9 wide)

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