Taisho Vermilion Bangle


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The design of this bangle bracelet by Risa Sekiguchi was inspired by art and kimono patterns from the Taisho era, a time when modernity was embraced and celebrated, and cross-pollination of design ideas between Japan and the West was widespread. Here, you see influences from Art Deco, Gustav Klimt, the Vienna Secession and CR Mackintosh as well as traditional Japanese motifs such as kiku (chrysanthemum) and renkon (lotus root).

Each item is a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation, with the motifs inset in different rhythms across the surface. There are also irregularities in the surface. Made of durable modern materials and inset with abalone, this lightweight bangle has the luster of Japanese lacquer, but is durable and comfortable enough to wear all day. There are three variations in color: Black, Cream and Vermilion, and two sizes: Small and Medium. Wear them alone— or stacked—to create a statement.


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