Shino vase with Chidori motif



This Shino vase with chidori (plover) and wave motif is from the late-Edo era. It has a very nice hand-modeled shape in the form of a gently squared-off cylinder. The glaze has all the most desirable qualities of Shino ware, including areas of thick glaze, glaze skips and pinholes.

Chidori are migratory birds that pass through Japan during the spring and autumn. The name means “thousand birds”, due to the great migrations of these sea birds in the old days. Although chidori are always depicted in a highly stylized and abstract fashion, appearing rather “cute”, they were often associated with the warrior clan. The birds’ ability to fly long distances over crashing waves was thought to evoke perseverance and the ability to overcome strife. It is also a happy and auspicious symbol and can be used for celebratory occasions.

There is a box, which looks to be original. The lid says (from right to left): 志野波千鳥模様 Shino Wave  Chidori Moyou (Pattern); 御花瓶 Ohana Bin (Flower Pot). The artist’s name is hard to translate: 樂山正一 Rakuyama or Gakuyama or Rakusan or Yousan (family name) Shouichi (Eldest son of the Family)

Condition: Very good. There is some darkening due to age and use, which is desired.

Size: 9.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″ / 24.2cm x 9cm x 9cm

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