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We love andonzara, the heavy, rugged plates that were placed under lamps in the days before electricity.  Although Seto and Shino andonzara can be easy to find, it’s rare to find one where the painting catches your imagination. And rarely do we find an example as fine as this — which we feel is evocative of much older shino ware.

This small andonzara is in excellent condition — from the back you can see that it’s rarely been used. The glaze is nicely varied, with small glaze-skips and pinholes, and has very little crazing or signs of age.  The wavelike glaze patterns that partially obscure the iron underpainting are a result of quick production that is now highly collectable. You can imagine unknown craftsmen  producing such ware day in, day out, and how they became so adept with the brush that examples like this — with a perfect balance of form, painting, glaze, and most of all, chance — were occasionally born.

This Shino andonzara would be lovely sitting atop a cabinet or hung on a wall for display, and can even be used for food. The shape is not truly flat as seen in most lantern plates, but slightly dished. We estimate this to be from the late-Edo era.

Condition: Excellent

Size: 7.68″ diameter x .98″ high / 19.5 cm diameter x 2.5 cm high

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