Shigaraki kashi plates, set of five


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Set of five vintage Shigaraki kashi (sweets) plates. The square, flat shape is the perfect size for Japanese wagashi, cake, cookies, or snacks. Or even several pieces of sushi. We love the simplicity of form (a simple slab square with ever-so-slightly upturned corners) and beauty of the luminous green ash glaze. Notice the circle made by cutting the slab with wire? And the rather remarkable consistency of the placement and color of the ash glaze? They remind us of waves crashing into rocks. This useful set comes in a signed box (sorry, we can’t quite make out the name) and will bring a taste of Japan into your home.

CONDITION: Excellent. They look almost brand new.

SIZE: 4 3/8″ square by 3/8″ tall (at the upturned corners) 11.11 cm square by 0.95 cm tall.

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