Setoguro Chawan with silver repair


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This exquisite Setoguro chawan is large, with a classic—and much desired—Setoguro profile, with sides that rise straight up vertically from a flat bottom, with a low base that lifts the bowl gracefully above the table. The deep, luminous black glaze showcases the horizontal undulations of the sides, and the hand of the potter. The bottom of the chawan (as well as a few small spots on the sides) show the buff-colored Seto clay, which is in very good condition. The silver repair is skillfully done and has oxidized, settling into a harmonic, quiet balance with the whole. This is a large bowl, great for someone with large hands, but it is not as heavy as it looks. This delightful bowl comes in a box.

CONDITION: Very good. The silver repairs add to the beauty of the chawan.

SIZE: 5″ wide by 3.27″ tall (12.5 cm wide by 8.3 cm tall)

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