Seto Uma-no-me (Horse eye) platter


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Heavy, large  Seto ishizara (stoneware) ozara (large plate) in the highly collectible uma-no-me (horse eye) motif. These solid and sturdy plates were made by anonymous craftsmen and used to served simple food at roadside ryokan (Japanese inns) along the old Tokaido Road. The horse eye design consists of seven concentric spirals that are freely and boldly painted in iron oxide. Plates such as this were appreciated for their humble, solid quality and bold design sense and were collected and appreciated by Mingei era luminaries like Yanagi Soetsu and Kawai Kanjiro. From humble beginnings, Umanome ware are now featured in museum collections around the world. Of a large size, this platter can hold a large quantity of food, and it is deep enough to contain sauce. It would be wonderful for simmered vegetables, salad and stew, but would be equally at home displayed atop a tansu or on a wall. Late Edo era.

CONDITION: Excellent. There are a few old chips along the rim, as seen in the photos, but the glaze is extremely fresh and does not have much crazing, as is usually seen in these plates. The five unglazed spots in the center are made by small ceramic points that separated the many plates that were stacked in the kiln during the firing process.

SIZE: Diameter: 14.25″ Height: 2.14″ inches / 26.35 cm x 5.71 cm

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