Red Shigaraki Bowl


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Here is a dramatic, heavy and sturdy Shigaraki bowl in a medium size. There are numerous feldspar crystals and evidence of the hand of the potter, giving the bowl a rustic texture. Along one side, a splattering of natural ash glaze drips dramatically across the surface of the bowl. The olive green hue of the glaze contrasts beautifully with the deep red clay, while the rim of the bowl undulates through space. This bowl is a perfect partnership of the skilled hand of the artisan and the forces of nature—including the ash glaze drips and distortion caused by the intense heat of the kiln. An absolutely stunning bowl.

CONDITION: Good. There are several hairline cracks that do not extend through the bowl.

SIZE: 8″ to 8 1/8″ wide by 2 1/8″ tall (20.3 cm to 20.6 cm wide by 5.4 cm tall)

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