Red raku chawan by Tannyu

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Beautiful fuyu (winter) red raku chawan (tea bowl), with tall form and unique squashed shape, signed Kichizaemon, of the Raku family. The signed box is labeled “10th generation”, which would be Tannyu (1795-1854). Tannyu was known for the vividness of his red glazes¬† — as described on the Raku Museum website.

The glaze on this piece is on the glossy side, and has the classic red raku color (a little more pink/coral and not as bright red as in the photos). The shape is pleasing to hold, fitting comfortably in medium-sized hands, with indentations for ones’ thumb and forefinger. They do not show up well in the photos, but the surface is covered with small indentations from Tannyu’s thumb and fingers. A very tactile piece.

Condition: Very Good.

Size: 4.33 x 3.54 inches / 11 x 9 cm

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