Mino folk mamezara, set #2


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This charming set of Edo-era mamezara (tiny dishes) feature a variety of traditional folk motifs, including a rabbit and the moon, leaves, and wheels. They are nicely dished and suitable for small bites, soy sauce, etc. We like the free and loose (yet precise) line painting that comes naturally from repetition.

CONDITION: Very good. Some dishes have imperfections from firing. Please view the photos carefully.

SIZE: The diameter ranges from 2 3/4″ to 2 7/8″ and they are about 1/2″ high. (6.98 cm to 7.3 cm and 1.27 cm high)

NOTE: If you would like a set of six, we have a single Mino mamezara with a rabbit and moon motif for sale.

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