Large Shigaraki Tsubo


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This is one of the largest tsubo we’ve offered for sale on Mizuya. This Shigaraki jar was once used to store tea. The shoulders are wide, narrowing gracefully to the base, giving the tsubo a tall and elegant and profile. There are three prominent black marks on one side. We do not know if this is glaze, paint or some kind of marking, but we left it as found because we like the design. The natural ash glaze is even and smooth across the surface of the red clay body, punctuated by feldspar crystals and numerous blisters from the intense heat of the fire. This happens when pockets of air are trapped inside the clay wall. There is a small kintsugi gold repair on the rim. We are not certain of the age of this tsubo, but we think it might be from the Edo era.

This tsubo is large enough to place on the floor to make a statement, and would be good for a large ikebana arrangement for a large room.


SIZE: 21.25″ tall by 15.75″ wide (54 cm tall by 40 cm wide)

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