Large Mingei Vase-Kawai Kanjiro era

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This large, attractive jar is a fine example of the Mingei Movement, started by scholar and writer Yanagi Soetsu, potters Kawai Kanjiro (1890-1966) and Shoji Hamada, among others. We do not know who the potter is, as it isn’t signed. In the spirit of mingei ideals, many potters did not signed their work, and Kawai himself said “My work itself is my best signature.” We think the vase evokes 19th century England as well as folk Chinese pottery, yet is also distinctively Japanese. Whether on display by itself, or used as a vase for flowers, it personifies the mingei ideal of living with beautiful and useful things.

CONDITION: Excellent

SIZE: 14″ tall x 11.75″ wide. The mouth is 5.2″ wide and the base is 6.5″ (35.5 cm tall x 26.9 cm wide. The mouth is 13.2 cm wide and the base is 16.4 cm)

SHIPPING: Due to the large size, we regret that shipping is restricted to the USA.

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