Edo era wide Hagi chawan


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This graceful Hagi bowl from the Edo era has a wide shape and luminous, natural ash glaze with beautiful variation in color and texture. The contrast between the smooth, creamy glaze and the dark, unglazed notched foot is particularly nice. Hagi ware is known for having a quiet and unassuming beauty that is evident in this chawan. There is no box.

Hagi is a porous clay, and absorbs moisture through the crazing (tiny cracks in the glaze) and becomes darker with age. This accounts for the minor difference in color between the interior and exterior.

Regarding tea wares, there is a famous expression in Japanese that is: “Raku  first, Hagi second and Karatsu third.” We love all wares, but the warm colors of Hagi ware contrast beautifully with the bright green hues of matcha. There is no box.

CONDITION: Excellent

SIZE: Diameter: 6.5″ Height: 2.5″ / Diameter: 16.5 cm  Height: 6.35 cm


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