Edo Era Kitchen Gods: Ebisu and Daikoku

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This is an excellent set of Edo era Daikoku and Ebisu statues, complete with their original lacquer and gold leaf shrine. Often found in traditional Japanese kitchens because these two (of eight) lucky gods are believed to welcome prosperity and wealth into the household: Ebisu is the patron of fishermen—notice the fisherman’s hat, fishing rod and and huge fish—while Daikoku is the protector of the harvest. He holds an uchide no kozuchi (a lucky mallet that grants wishes) in his right hand, and has a big bag of treasures over his shoulder. He stands on top of two large bags of rice, which was once the basis of currency in Japan. Both deities represent abundance and good fortune; one by land, one by sea. They have all the bases covered!

CONDITION: Very good. The statues have a desirable dark patina that only comes with age. The shrine has some missing bits of lacquer. Please inspect the photos carefully.

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