Edo era Bizen mimi vase


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Edo era Bizen vase with a deep, rich glaze and charmingly askew mimi “ears.” The “ears” are particularly well-formed, with the type of accidental, casual touch that is evident only from a skilled potter. The bulbous shape is slightly collapsed at the top, which is very desirable when it is done well (or should we say “happens”)? Perfect for collectors of Bizen or students of tea and ikebana.

Condition: Excellent

Size: 6.10″ tall x 7.28″ x 5.67″ wide. The opening of the mouth is 2.56″ (15.5 cm tall x 18.5 cm x 14.4 cm wide. The opening of the mouth is 6.5cm)

There is a box.

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