E-shino serving bowl, mid-Edo


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Lovely e-shino (picture shino) serving bowl from the mid-Edo era. With classic cream-colored curdled shino glaze and skillfully painted grass motifs showing through. The rim is quite sculptural, coming out at an angle from the round bottom, transforming into an almost square shape, with edges that roll gracefully inwards. Three hand-formed feet raise the bowl elegantly off the table. The profile from the side is particularly attractive, as the counterpoint of the dramatic rim juts out from the bowl. Note the transition point, which is exceptional.

The large size would be suitable to use as a serving dish or a display item (perhaps at eye level to appreciate the profile?). Comes with a box.

CONDITION: Excellent

SIZE: 2.76 x 7.28 inches / 7 x 18.5 cm

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