Antique black lacquer nesting bowls


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We have just six sets of these attractive antique black stacking bowls. They were purchased in Kyoto, and we do not know the maker, nor the age of the sets, but they are sturdy, utilitarian bowls made for daily use. A complete place setting fits into one neat package, and the sets can also be stacked upon each other. The two smaller bowls/plates can be used as lids for the larger bowls. Perfect for minimalists. Ichiju-sansai (literally, one soup, three sides) is all that is needed for sustenance, or so the ancient wisdom goes.

NOTE: These are NOT stacking bowls for monks, (Oryoki, also by laypeople at Buddhist ceremonies) where the outer bowl in is the rounded shape of a teppachi (begging bowl.) Oryoki sets typically cost between $600 to $2,000 Depending on the size and number of bowls.

CONDITION: Very good. Since lacquer is a natural material, the surface will become deeper and more lustrous with use.

SIZE: The largest bowl is 4 7/8″ wide, 2 3/4″ tall (12.38 cm wide, 7 cm wide)

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