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Beauty is in the details

While reviewing photos for the re-launch of our website, we came across a selection of close-up details, and wanted to share them with you. Here, we can pay close attention to texture, pattern, color, and intricacies of detail, whether by the artisan’s skilled hand, the force of fire and random flying ash, or a fortuitous combination of the two. It reminds us to appreciate the artisans around us (and in the past) and to slow down and pay close attention to beauty in everyday life.

We are almost finished with the task of re-cataloging our entire inventory, with includes taking additional photos, research, etc. We are nearing the end of the process, and will open next Tuesday, September 8. But even after we open our virtual doors, please note that we will be adding stock regularly.

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Mizuya relaunch

Mizuya, our online gallery, was founded in 2009. Since then, many things have changed, including the way we like to shop online. Therefore, we are currently working on updating our inventory and re-launching our website. We are not open for business at this time, but if you have any questions, please contact us at

Here is a preview of some of our new items.