Old e-Shino chawan with painted box

Old e-Shino chawan with painted box Sold

We are pleased to bring this exceptional e-Shino (“picture” Shino) chawan (tea bowl) to you. This chawan has all the desirable traits of e-Shino: Not only is it beautifully formed, with an irregular mouth and elegant profile covered with a thick and curdled creamy glaze, but the iron-oxide painted fence and grass motifs are exceptionally graceful. Along the rim and areas where the feldspar glaze is thin, desirable koge (scorch) marks appear.

On top of this, the box is an added bonus. The lid is decorated with cut paper and gold leaf, with a painting and poem. We cannot decipher what it says and are working on getting it translated.

Although we do not know its age or provenance, you can see from the bottom of the chawan that it’s clearly an old piece — at least from the Edo (1600-1868) era. To us, it has the look and feeling of a Momoyama piece, but since we cannot be certain, it is priced accordingly. The box — which also shows considerable age — tells us that it was treasured through the years. The entire package is elegant beyond belief and would be a joy to add to any tea practitioner’s collection.

Condition: Very good.

Size: 4.84 x 2.83 inches / 7.2 cm x 12.3 cm

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